Postponement of Training Programs
07 June 2021

For the upcoming training workshops for the targets groups were the recycling associations and SMEs including those who is interested from industry associations and operators of industrial facilities. The schedule for each module was expected to be held as follows;

In May 2021

o Module 12: Source, formation, toxicity and emissions of U-POPs in metal industry

o Module 13: Pollution control & Waste management in the metal industry

In June 2021

o Module 14: BAT/BEP strategies in 2nd metal industry (Primary & Secondary measures)

o Module 10: Case study of BAT/BEP (pre-treatment) implementation for the recycling associations and SMEs – Case study

In July 2021

o Module 15: BAT/BEP (post-treatment) Technology, approach & implementation in metal associates

o Module 16: Estimation (Dioxin Toolkits), monitoring and analysis

o Module 17: Laws and Regulations

In August 2021

o Module 18: BAT/BEP implementation (Pre-treatment) from technology and guideline

o Module 19: BAT/BEP implementation (Thermal process, post-treatment) from technology and guideline

In light of the growing concerns around COVID-19 and health safety, Green Scrap Metal Thailand Project will be postponing the training programs by the 3rd quarter of 2021. Further schedule dates will be announced later.

For those who are interested, registration for the training can be accessed at

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