Department of Primary Industries and Mines (DPIM)
Ministry of Industry
United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Department of Primary Industries and Mines (DPIM) has set a vision to manage and supply sufficient raw materials for industrial and related sectors by encourage, facilitate and support the development of mining industries, metallurgical industries as well as related primary and downstream industries, to generate economic value from optimum efficiency of mineral and metal consumptions with environmental and social sustainability concern. In 2018, DPIM in cooperation with UNIDO and the related agencies have collaborated to implement the “Greening of the Scrap Metal Value Chain through the Promotion of BAT/BEP to Reduce the U-POPs Released from Recycling Facilities” project to reduce the release of U-POPs such as dioxin and furan from the upstream to the downstream processes of the value chain. The studies found that the industrial sector releases U-POPs as percentage of 21 from all sectors in Thailand.

(Reference: Inventory report on Unintentional Persistent Organic Pollutants 2017)